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Stay Happy in Lockdown

The last 10 weeks of lockdown have been the hardest of all for everyone. Travel, and therefore many outdoor activities, has not been possible and the weather has been bitterly cold. Why are people still buying casual wear tshirts in such circumstances?

I was told of a conversation from a zoom call where a work colleague was proudly displaying his new t shirt, and his reasons were persuasive: He wanted to treat himself by buying something to wear around the house that was really comfortable and that he looked good in and that really cheered him up!

Buying an eyecatching tee helps you look and feel good, so helping combat lockdown blues. lt says something to you during lockdown and will say something about you to others when lockdown finally ends.

Our main motivation with t-shirt and hoodie designs is to help you make a personal statement about how you are feeling or what you believe in. And to feel really comfortable wearing it around the house. You can afford to treat yourself with Sohos t shirts at only £15 each, and now with free UK postage up until 1st April by using the code: FREEPOST.

Looking forward to Spring and Summer, we are creating a new range of ladies cropped tshirts with a cropped price of only £12.99 each or 2 for £20. Watch this space!

This new range has been inspired by the designs we loved and sold in the 1980s such as CND and acid house smiley face. We think this will also be popular with the our new, younger customers now filling our Liverpool store, where we enjoyed our best December sales ever!

Everyone we talk to is looking forward to our towns and cities reopening and we believe our newly refurbished and restocked Liverpool store will not disappoint. Not only are we selling our new range of tshirts but also our 3 for £20 retro and vintage one-offs. In addition, we will be stocking tie-dye tees and vests, Levi’s shorts, as well as a new extensive range of stretch slim fit Levi’s in blue and black at two pairs for only £50!

So treat yourself now at SohosLondon, and in store at Soho’s Liverpool when we reopen after lockdown. We promise you will look and feel great!

2 thoughts on “Stay Happy in Lockdown”

  1. Hi, thought I’d let you know the T shirt I ordered and received from arrived within 4 days of ordering. It’s really smart and the fit is great and comfy for work. It washes well and looked brand new after tumble drying. I’m happy and am hoping to be able to order more. The website is a great way of shopping, and I hope is successful. I love the shops and am looking forward to the end of the Lockdown. Thank you.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your kind comment and I am glad you are happy with your order. Thankfully lockdown is now over and summer is almost here! Best wishes, Joe

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