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Hello from Soho’s London!

May I introduce myself as Joe Byrne, one of the owners of Soho’s and Soho’s London, and the creator of our new original graphic t-shirt and hoodie range.

Anyone working in fashion will tell you they are always people watching. I was nearly always disappointed by the t-shirt and hoodie designs I saw people wearing. My impression was that they were mostly bland or simply looked like advertising hoardings.

If you are looking to buy a graphic t-shirt or hoodie you do so because it says something to you and when you wear it, something about you to everyone else.

The new Soho’s range of t-shirts and hoodies are based on themes that are thought provoking and satirical, or just an attractive retro design that is fun to wear.

We choose Fruit of the Loom® products or our tees and hoodies for the same reason we only stock vintage Levi jeans in our stores. They are both the first ever company to make the product they are famous for and they have been doing so for over 150 years. And, importantly ethics and the environment are at the heart of Fruit of the Loom. They use ethically-produced yarn and all their garments are independently Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved.

Wearing a Soho’s t-shirt or hoodie tells everyone you have maverick inclinations, or that you wish to make a statement about what is happening around you, or you just love good retro designs and Soho’s in particular.

We hope you like them.

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