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Bold Street is Liverpool’s crown jewel

When we bought the Soho’s building 16 years ago, Bold Street was much like any other street.  Customers told me all the time about ‘how good it used to be’.

We arrived with our small department store, housing different retail businesses, rare at the time but now almost impossible to find.  Over the next couple of years other progressive stores appeared, such as Leaf.  We remember Nisha Katona, the owner of Mowgli Street Food and now a TV personality, as a frequent visitor discussing with us how her business should progress.

More and more restaurants sprung up on Bold Street, and independent fashion retailers started to relocate here from Quiggins/Barcelona.  Our street had finally become not only the trendiest in Liverpool, but in the whole of the North West.

When the council finally decided that a pedestrianised street was preferable to serried ranks of parking meters, Bold Street became super-busy like a Brick Lane or Princes Street.  Now, nobody mentions how good Bold Street ‘used to be’.

Lonely Planet rated the street as one of the best shopping streets in the country, and it’s easy to see why.  We have independent stores, cafes, restaurants, selling everything from world foods to vintage clothes.  You’ll peruse your way up and down this street for hours.

Tripadvisor comments, 2021, about Bold Street:

‘…the atmosphere was fantastic, this is a street I highly recommend you visit’.

‘Very busy as usual and a lot of cool shops.  Best street for hippie/alt clothes because you have……SOHOs’.

‘A wonderful street, most definitely well worth checking out if you’re in the area.’




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