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Bold Street is Liverpool’s crown jewel

When we bought the Soho’s building 16 years ago, Bold Street was much like any other street.  Customers told me all the time about ‘how good it used to be’. We arrived with our small department store, housing different retail businesses, rare at the time but now almost impossible to find.  Over the next couple

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Stay Happy in Lockdown

The last 10 weeks of lockdown have been the hardest of all for everyone. Travel, and therefore many outdoor activities, has not been possible and the weather has been bitterly cold. Why are people still buying casual wear t–shirts in such circumstances? I was told of a conversation from a zoom call where a work

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Hello from Soho’s London!

May I introduce myself as Joe Byrne, one of the owners of Soho’s and Soho’s London, and the creator of our new original graphic t-shirt and hoodie range. Anyone working in fashion will tell you they are always people watching. I was nearly always disappointed by the t-shirt and hoodie designs I saw people wearing.

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